Gladiator 2 - Official Trailer | Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal

Описание к видео Gladiator 2 - Official Trailer | Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal

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Prepare for glory on November 15th 2024!

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⚔️ Gladiator 2

Gladiator 2 has been unveiled, promising an epic continuation of the beloved saga. Directed by visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott, the sequel is set to reignite the grandeur and drama that made its predecessor a timeless classic.

Leading the charge is none other than Paul Mescal, acclaimed for his breakout role in Normal People, who steps into the sandals of Lucius, the grown-up son of Emperor Commodus. Mescal's charismatic portrayal is expected to bring a new depth to the conflicted character, torn between duty and his own ideals.

Joining Mescal on this thrilling journey is Pedro Pascal, known for his captivating performances in The Mandalorian and Narcos, taking on the role of Marcus Aurelius, the revered former emperor whose legacy continues to shape the Roman Empire.

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