Tarzan (2025) - First Trailer | Dwayne Johnson, Megan Fox

Описание к видео Tarzan (2025) - First Trailer | Dwayne Johnson, Megan Fox

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Dwayne Johnson and Megan Fox to star in Warner Bros.'s Tarzan adaptation.

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🦍 Tarzan

Dwayne Johnson and Megan Fox are primed to breathe life into the iconic characters of Tarzan and Jane in an upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures production. Set against the backdrop of lush, untamed wilderness, this adaptation promises to reimagine the timeless tale with a fresh perspective and modern sensibility.

Johnson, celebrated for his dynamic on-screen presence and undeniable charm, steps into the loincloth of Tarzan, infusing the character with his trademark charisma and physical prowess. Opposite him, Fox brings her own blend of strength and grace to the role of Jane, offering a portrayal that promises to captivate audiences and defy expectations.

With Warner Bros. Pictures backing the project, fans can expect a visually stunning and action-packed journey deep into the heart of the jungle. From breathtaking vistas to pulse-pounding encounters with wildlife, the film aims to transport viewers to a world where danger and adventure lurk around every corner. As production gears up to swing into full swing, anticipation is high for this latest interpretation of the classic story. Stay tuned for further updates as Tarzan and Jane prepare to embark on their most daring adventure yet, promising thrills, romance, and excitement in equal measure.

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